What Is Photon Therapy?
Cellular Rejuvenation
Profound Stress Relief
Increased Energy
Mood Elevation
Improved Sleep
Pain Relief
Anti-Aging Facial
Just as plants need sunlight to thrive, the human body needs light to maintain health and well-being. Human cells are activated by particular wavelengths of light called photons, which are absorbed through the skin and into tissues.

At the cellular level, the photons are transformed into life-force energy that stimulates the growth, repair and regeneration of the human body. That is the science behind light therapy.

Light therapy devices, which employ Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), promote this biological effect, creating the most natural form of anti-aging.


How It Works

At PHOTON LED THERAPY we use LEDs and a unique patented program that stimulates a series of biological responses at the cellular level, causing the body to release healing enzymes that increase cellular metabolism and the production of ATP, the energy currency of the body. 

By activating the body's own healing system, LEDs provide a gentle, safe and affordable solution for the visible signs of aging and other degenerative issues of the body.


Safer Than Lasers

Unlike lasers, which deliver enough power to actually damage the tissue in order to stimulate healing, LEDs are completely non-invasive.  After more than 30 years of research not a single negative side effect has been documented.



Benefits of LED-based Light Therapy

LEDs have been used successfully for years by dermatologist’s offices to treat skin problems, by sport medicine clinics to treat injuries, by wellness centers for pain relief and cancer hospitals to speed healing from invasive treatments.

Advanced Technology
At PHOTON LED THERAPY we offer the most advanced photon therapy technology available -the iinnLight ProTM

The iinnLight proprietary delivery system treats the skin to blue, yellow and red light simultaneously,
combining photo rejuvenation, sleep enhancement, energy renewal and Brainwave EntrancementTM in a unique and patented process.
Each innlight program provides the equivalent of a full night's restful sleep and energy renewal.

Molecular MassageTM
iinnLight's propietary Molecular MassageTM jumpstarts and works in unison with the body's own intelligence to create the most natural forms of anti-aging and regeneration.

Brainwave EntrancementTM 
A unique brainwave entrainment system that allows the client to experience a meditative state
of deep calm, creativity and focus.

During each 30 minute session brainwaves are gently lowered from 15-14 cycles Beta, a wakeful, busy state through 10-12 cycles Alpha, promoting calm and soothing relaxation.

At 10-20 minutes brainwaves move into 8 cycles Theta, at which point the brain begins to deeply rest, improving mental clarity and providing profound stress relief.

Between 20-30 minutes into the program the brain reaches 5 cycles Theta where significant physiological brain repair can take place.