Photon LED Therapy Sessions

Reverse aging gently, naturally, and safely.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and is just like having a full night's sleep.
Benefits are progressive and enhanced with repeated use.

Sessions are easy, relaxing and done in a comfortable setting.

During sessions clients remain fully clothed. 
Our rates make looking and feeling younger so affordable.

Book an individual session or take advantage of our discount packages.

Maintain healthy aging, high energy and a youthful
appearance with regular sessions.

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All three photon therapy programs utilize all three light frequencies.

The difference from one program to another is the focus on a dominant benefit:

Facial Program bathes the face with all wavelengths (colors) of LED illumination. This encourages the production of collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines. This program also provides renewed energy, vitality and deep sense of well being.

Blue Wave program bathes the face in primarily blue wavelengths of LED illumination. This program elevates mood, increases alertness and helps to reset the body's biological clock, mitigating jet lag and alleviates insomnia.

Relief program 
bathes the face in primarily red wavelengths of LED illumination. This program provides relief for some aches and pains, reduces inflammation and increases energy.